Sitting on Cement Causes Hemorrhoids

January 8, 2014


Usually relegated to old wives tales, very few people realise the truth that sitting on cement can cause hemorrhoids in certain people. If you've ever been to a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor, you know that you'll be asked personal questions that most allopathic doctors won't ask. you'll be asked about your life style, appetite, digestion, bowel movements, urinary patterns, sleep, energy levels, sex drive. Menstrual cycles (if you're female). Your face, tongue. Pulse will be recorded.

TCM looks at heat, damp, dry, cold. Wind within the body. TCM practitioners believe that our bodies are like an antenna. Energy from Heaven and energy from the Earth meet within our bodies and flow through us. This energy is known as Qi. In the human body, Qi and blood are synonymous because they exist together. Qi can move through the body unimpeded, if we're healthy. It can move slowly or the flow can be restricted in some parts due to blockages or imbalances in internal elements.

While cold attacks the exterior of the body, dampMoisture generally refers to the presence of water, often in trace carries cold deep into the body. Damp is heavy. Can penetrate the through the upper layers of the flesh, through the muscle. Down to the level of the bone. The body feels heavy. When exterior dampness invades the body, it usually enters from the lower region of the body first.

Hemorrhoids: The Rectal Ailment Few Discuss
What are they? Hemorrhoids are when the veins around your butt (or anus) become swollen. You may also find that the hemorrhoids may be inside of your rectum, otherwise known as the lowest part of the colon. These veins can become very large and lose their normal shape which will intern cause you to have some sort of protrusions that are found in the canal of the anus. Listed below is will show you the causes, symptoms, types of , and how to deal with hemorrhoids.

Causes of Hemorrhoids: There are many reasons to why a person may have...

Blood stasis causing blood clots, can be caused by dampness, dampTo cause a loss or dissipation of the oscillatory or vibrational energy of an electrical or mechanical cold and damp heat. Depending on our personal constitution (strength and balance) from day to day, something as simple as sitting on a cold damp concrete step can throw off our internal constitution.

You can see where concrete wouldbe considered dampDAMP is a solution stack of computer software, usually free software or open-source software, that is used to run dynamic Web sites or servers running the proprietary Darwin operating system. The acronym is derived from the original acronym LAMP. and cold. Someone that sits on the cold damp concrete that already suffers from blood stasis could be thrown off enough to bring on a case of hemorrhoids.

I'm trained in Oriental Medicine/acupuncture and one of the doctors in my clinic is one of the best cardiovascular specialists. He deals with blood stasis on a daily basis. This has given me an indepth working knowledge at what blood stasis means and how it presents. Blood stasis can present as some of these physical conditions: low energy, a heavy feeling in the body, tiny red dots on skin, hemorrhoids, blood clots during a menstrual cycle, heart issues, broken/expanded capillary veins in the face or legs. Varicose veins. The tongue is often fat looking with teeth marks. A person may also exhibit tendencies towards oedema / water retention. Headaches . In fact, I'm seeing more and more imbalanced constitutions with impeded Qi flow as time goes on. This includes children.

Many parents assume that their children are in perfect health. Many of our problems started when we were children. These problems were just energy signatures and often times, don't manifest until we begin to age. An imbalance can manifest quickly or take several decades to become apparent. TCM is diagnostic in nature. Imbalances in the energy signature of the body can be corrected before they become an issue.

Children are different today. They're born with a higher toxic load and more imbalances. we're seeing more juvenile disorders than ever before. Predictions say this will only increase. Our elderly are becoming sicker. This has a trickle effect down to our children.

Cold concrete is just a catchy example to show how easily it's to throw off our own body constitution. We've to be diligent in maintaining our emotional, spiritual. Physical health every day to stay vital and live a long, healthy. Happy life.

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